First VoltCon toys, collectibles fair held at Ali Mall

Rick Olivares

Posted at Aug 16 2022 06:54 AM

First VoltCon toys, collectibles fair held at Ali Mall 1
First VoltCon toys, collectibles fair held at Ali Mall 2

Part of the VoltCon proceeds will go to a feeding program for 100 kids. Rick Olivares

VoltCon organizers Rameses Esteleydes and John Cyril Blanco. Rick Olivares

The first ever VoltCon was held this past weekend — August 12-14 — at Ali Mall to resounding success.

Weeks after the return of ToyCon, toy and collectible fans had a follow-up pocket event at in Cubao featuring 50 exhibitors.

“We called it ‘VoltCon’ because it brings together exhibitors for toys, t-shirts, coins and stamps, magazines and comic books, anime and manga, vinyl records and cassettes, and cosplay,” said organizer John Cyril Blanco.

Added co-organizer Rameses Esteleydes: “Furthermore, part of the proceeds for VoltCon will go to a feeding program for 100 kids.” 

In recent years, comic book and toy conventions have been very popular all over the country. And fans cannot get enough.

“We believe that aside from these collectibles bringing back a slice of their youth for older generations, today’s kids – the Gen Z – are discovering these great collectibles as they see them on shows like ‘Stranger Things’ and the like,” further offered Blanco.

“These collectibles and events,” added Esteleydes, “are for all ages. We notice that these kinds of events are also attracting younger crowds as they are discovering a world outside gadgets and the internet.”

The foot traffic for VoltCon was voluminous over the past three days as fans purchased Voltes V and other mech items, comic books, and various US and Japanese-line toys.

Both Blanco and Esteleydes bared that the second VoltCon will be held this October, this time with some 100 exhibitors.

“We started out as hobbyists,” summed up Blanco. “And what is cool about it is even when we’re older, these things are acceptable more than ever and we get to share them with the younger generations.”

Watch out for the next VoltCon as the organizers promise bigger and better things.