Artistic packaging in makeup makes a comeback

Jenica Chuahiock and Red Dimmandal, Metro Magazine

Posted at Aug 15 2017 08:30 PM

While effectiveness is definitely up there in terms of what we value in a beauty product, we cannot lie: Sometimes makeup packaging is enough to get us to splurge. Some makeup packaging, generally at the luxury tier, are gorgeously simple, some are so stunningly artful. 

Although we know for a fact that we can never judge a moisturizer by its jar, nor a mascara by its tube, and a perfume by its bottle, there is an unspoken value to going that extra mile to design packaging. 

In the price-sensitive, and highly competitive beauty market today, overly gallant packaging is often seen as an unnecessary cost (if not the biggest cost in the actual value of the product). Yet, by far, packaging remains to be the greatest branding component of any beauty product, which in due time, could have a collector’s value. Long after the product has expired, and the formulas outdated, the market for vintage makeup solely runs on the allure of the packaging and sentimental value. 

Although artful packaging has sort of whittled down as cosmetics have become a mass market business, the digital age is arguably reviving the old art of makeup package designs, as snapshots of makeup are being shared by the millions on Instagram within a day. 

The return of artful packaging also signals opportunities for collaboration, often between cosmetic brand and artist, such as the Charlotte Tilburry X Norman Parkinson limited release, which included exclusive use of iconic fashion photos for the packaging. 


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Or most recently, the much anticipated Clinique collaboration with the renowned interior artist, Jonathan Adler.

Whether we like it or not (but mostly, we do like it), makeup packaging will continue to be a necessary facet to the beauty market, as brands focus to become more unique, and picturesque in a vanity table. And rightly so, as consumers increasingly seek out new experiences, explore different moods and assume new personalities with their makeup. What better way to reflect those creative needs than through the most visible components of cosmetics? 

The Clinique X Jonathan Adler collection is now available in Clinique stores nationwide.