International Cat Day: How Filipinos can help feline friends


Posted at Aug 08 2019 04:03 PM

International Cat Day: How Filipinos can help feline friends 1
A homeless woman sleeps with her pet cats tied next to her to prevent them from leaving, on a street in Manila. Noel Celis, AFP.

MANILA - Celebrate International Cat Day by helping out your feline friends in need.


Give stray kittens a loving home by adopting or fostering them.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) on Monday said it was looking for more foster "parents" for kittens abandoned on the streets.

"With only 3 caretakers looking after 300+ cats and dogs, who will bottle feed them every 2-3 hours, keep them warm, and clean up after these helpless creatures?" it said.

The animal welfare group raised alarmed on the increasing number of newborn cats being orphaned and left to die, citing 5 kittens that were recently found in a plastic bag thrown at a garbage bin.


"We thank well-meaning citizens who take pity and rescue these poor creatures. However, please understand that taking them to animal shelters like PAWS does not guarantee their survival," it said.

"This is why we're calling on more fosterers, because this is truly how we can save lives. By fostering, we give them a real chance to survive until they can eat solid food, get vaccinated and be ready to be admitted to the shelter or get adopted."

To learn more about fostering a kitten, visit the official PAWS website.


You may also donate food and other necessities to your local shelters.

PAWS said it was also in need of kitten food (wet and dry), Cosi milk, unscented and alcohol-free wet wipes, and heating pads.


Spaying or neutering would greatly help to prevent the increasing number of stray cats.

CARA Welfare Philippines has launched its PalengKETS program which aims to spay and neuter stray cats in major public markets in Metro Manila.