How the basket bag trend put local blogger in the spotlight

Hershey Neri, Metro Magazine

Posted at Aug 08 2017 03:49 PM


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In case you missed it: The unconventional trend that Jane Birkin made famous in the '60s has made a comeback this year, and the local industry is just as ecstatic. 

Basket bags are quirky, brunch date-appropriate, and are one of the hottest trends that hit the streets this 2017. And to be honest, we're totally digging it. 

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on this, go local and check out style blogger Yuki Tansengco's very own fashion line, The Style Cat.

The Style Cat is an online shop for every crazy cat lady gone stylish: For both the city and the island girl, the multi-talented, the bold, and never shy. The modern, but timeless. And of course, for the curious cat who's always on the hunt for new styles and new adventures.

It is the go-to page for fashionistas who are in the search of intricately woven resort bags, accessories, and travel finds.

Check out our interview with Tansengco below:

What's the story behind the name, The Style Cat?

"Aside from the obvious fact that I love my cats (I have 13!!!), I've always been a curious cat when trying out new trends. Obsessed with dressing up, I started a fashion blog in college, where I documented my daily outfits and the accessories I handcrafted. Five years later, The Style Cat blog has opened up so much opportunities for me and has now turned into a platform of style and travel inspiration for millennials. Merging my love for fashion, travel and sustainable fashion, I created Style Cat, an eco-ethical line of locally made resort/wicker bags for equally adventurous
curious cats."

What's the inspiration behind the first collection?

"There are so many beautiful places waiting to be explored. So naturally, my first ever collection, Style Cat Resort: Take Me To Purradise is inspired by must-see destinations I've either gone to, or plan to go to: Aruba (Southern Caribbean), Calaguas (Philippines), Santhiya (Thailand), Port Douglas (Australia), and Uluwatu (Bali.). You can take the bags to the city or to the beach—the style is versatile enough for any adventure."

How the basket bag trend put local blogger in the spotlight 1
Photo courtesy of Yuki Tansengco
How the basket bag trend put local blogger in the spotlight 2
Photo courtesy of Yuki Tansengco

Why choose basket bags as your first products?

"I blog about style and travel, and all my beach adventures always involve a nice basket bag. I also love the idea of using locally sourced material (such as raffia, abaca, and banukan) and supporting our incredibly talented artisans.

"By choosing proudly Pinoy brands, like The Style Cat, you get stylish products, use sustainable materials that won't end up clogging a landfill nearby, and of course, empower our local communities."

How the basket bag trend put local blogger in the spotlight 3
Photo courtesy of Yuki Tansengco
How the basket bag trend put local blogger in the spotlight 4
Photo courtesy of Yuki Tansengco

"Everything in Style Cat is locally made, even down to our dust bag with cat plush ears—it's made in collaboration with Plush & Play and nanays back in GK Enchanted Farm located in Angat, Bulacan.”

What's your favorite design?

"It'll be so cheesy and biased if I say all—but out of all five styles, my favorite is Aruba. I love flamingos!"

How can people buy your products?

"Right now, we are working on our website which will be going live soon - The products are handmade so we ought to think carefully where we go next and allocate the stocks. Style Cat plans to tap more communities and empower local artisans. Eventually, I want it made in the Philippines one day and applauded in New York the next day. Let's go global! Hopefully!"