WATCH: US navy band performs rendition of Moira’s ‘Paubaya’


Posted at Aug 07 2021 05:51 PM

 US Pacific Fleet Band's Facebook page
Screenshot from US Pacific Fleet Band's Facebook page

Filipina singer Moira dela Torre’s soulful music has reached the Pacific waters, as the US and Philippine Navy worked together to perform a rendition of heartbreaking hit song “Paubaya.”

On Facebook, the US Pacific Fleet Band released a version of the song to pay homage to the popularity of ballads in the Philippines. 

“We chose to perform a tune about the emotional struggles a person goes through while letting go of the one they love. Please enjoy our rendition of Moira Dela Torre’s “Paubaya,” performed by musicians of the U.S. and Philippines Navy,” the caption stated. 

According to the naval force band, singing in the language of their Pacific partners is one of their ways to connect with foreign friends, such as the Philippines.

Watch the full version of “Paubaya” here: