Ghost month 2016 starts: Some do's and don'ts


Posted at Aug 04 2016 01:45 PM

MANILA – The Chinese believe that the “ghost month” – a time when spirits from the lower realm supposedly roam around the world of the living – occurs every seventh month in the lunar calendar.

It is generally considered unlucky, with most Chinese avoiding major events such as weddings and business deals during the said period.

This 2016, the ghost month starts on August 3 and will end on August 31.

A feng shui practitioner previously advised believers to wear amulets – even red underwear – to ward off spirits during ghost month.

Want to stay lucky on ghost month? Wear red panties

Another feng shui expert advised people against going on long trips, undergo surgery, and go mountain climbing during ghost month to avoid unnecessary risk.

Here are other things that Chinese believers should take note of during this so-called unlucky time of the year:

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