Joe D’Mango revives Love Notes on YouTube

Leah C. Salterio

Posted at Aug 01 2021 09:40 AM


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Radio listeners from the '80s are certainly familiar with Joe D’Mango’s popular program, “Love Notes,” then a widely-followed show that ran for more than two decades.

“Love Notes,” which debuted on local radio in 1989, successfully spawned a movie directed by Maryo J. de los Reyes in 1995, a TV series, a weekly column, a pocketbook and an album series. However, “Love Notes” ended its multimedia success in 2012.

Joe D’Mango dauntlessly left everything behind in Manila and migrated to Australia with his family in 2013. He started a new life in an “unchartered and unknown territory.”

“Our family had a calling to move to Australia,” Joe D’Mango told ABS-CBN News. “That meant I had to make a choice between staying and continuing my career in Manila or leaving everything behind to start a new one in Australia. It was an act of obedience and a leap of faith.”

His family settled in the country’s capital, Canberra. Two years later, Joe D’Mango was compelled to revive “Love Notes,” this time on YouTube via his own, exclusive channel, Dear Joe TV.

“I have had the channel active since 2015, with five old videos that had been sitting there for the last six years,” Joe D’Mango said. “In spite of just having five videos, the subscribers had been steadily growing until there was a clamor for me to come back sometime early this year.

“I have been praying about it because I know that it would take a lot of resolve, commitment and time to sustain a YouTube channel. But I believe that the talent that God has given us should be used to serve others and glorify Him.”

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Joe D’Mango knew that “Love Notes” enjoyed immense popularity on radio then. When the program was revived on YouTube, it didn’t take long before it gained its new online following.

Aside from his YouTube channel, Joe D’Mango runs a small, family-owned café and doing some design work on the side in Australia. He is also a pastor on Every Nation Church in Canberra.

Almost in every country where there are Filipinos, there is undoubtedly a fan of “Love Notes,” from adult professionals to working class individuals and even students.

“So when I finally mustered the coverage to commit to producing a YouTube version of the program, I didn’t wait until I was ready because I knew that I wouldn’t be,” Joe D’Mango explained. “I got my gear and started recording and posting videos.”

On April 27, 2021, Joe D’Mango launched the first official “Love Notes” video on Dear Joe TV on YouTube. He wasn’t expecting anything fancy then.

However, when the first two introductory videos appeared and the first official “Love Notes” episode was aired, Joe D’Mango was immediately flooded with hundreds of comments, encouragement and requests from many of the original listeners of “Love Notes.”

“They were ecstatic about the return of the program that has been part of their growing up years,” he shared.

Netizens were thrilled and excited upon learning that “Love Notes” is back with weekly episodes on YouTube. Apparently, the program has been embraced again by listeners this time in a different medium.

In no time, “Love Notes” digital edition subsequently attracted fans from different parts of the globe. Majority of the viewers are still from the Philippines. “About 65 percent,” enthused Joe D’Mango. “That was followed by viewers from the US, UAE, Australia and some are scattered from almost every country where there are Filipinos.”

“Love Notes” can be streamed on Tuesdays, 8 p.m. on Joe D’Mango’s YouTube channel, Dear Joe TV.

A digital album, featuring tracks by Curve Entertainment artists, will be promoted alongside the “Love Notes” brand.

National Artist for Music Ryan Cayabyab produced a reimagined track, “Bridges,” recorded by Emmy Punsalan-Cayabyab. The song is an original by Sergio Mendes.

It helped that Joe D’Mango has maintained a long-standing relationship with Curve Entertainment executives Narciso Chan and Mario Joson. All it took was a Zoom meeting and the partnership was readily finalized.

“I am truly thankful to the Curve Entertainment family for giving me access to a wide range of their music repertoire to complete the whole ‘Love Notes’ viewing experience,” Joe D’Mango said.

“I believe this endeavor is going to be mutually beneficial and will be warmly welcomed both by Curve Entertainment and ‘Love Notes’ supporters.” 

Nasser is another artist who graced the “Love Notes” digital album. His single, “I Honestly Love You,” is one of the tracks featured. “I feel nostalgic,” Nasser said. “As a kid, I always got to listen to ‘Love Notes.’

“My grandma, who is in the US now and she loves Joe D’Mango, would increase the radio volume and invited us to listen then. It became part of our routine to hear the stories and the advice that Joe D’Mango was imparting to his listeners.”

The acoustic duo, BOU (Both Of Us), contributed the cut, “Let Me Be the One,” to the digital compilation. “During our teen years, we always looked forward to Friday mornings to listen to ‘Love Notes’,” recalled Natasia and Sherman.

“Joe D’Mango’s love advice to his letter senders and listeners have definitely shaped us to become better individuals, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

“We are so excited and at the same time honored to be part of Joe D’Mango’s popular program. Our heartfelt gratitude to our management company, Curve Entertainment, and of course to Joe D’Mango for letting us be a part of ‘Love Notes’ history.”

The songs of alternative rock band Kilos became perfect fit for two of the most followed episodes in the series.