The new significance of Cory’s favorite necklace, according to Kris


Posted at Aug 01 2019 06:28 PM


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MANILA — The late former President Corazon Aquino wasn’t fond of jewelry in general, only wearing one necklace constantly which is now in the possession of her youngest daughter, Kris.

The former TV host shared a glimpse of that Chanel pearl necklace on Instagram, in commemoration of the 10th year since her mother succumbed to cancer.

“What she left behind, pinatago sa akin. Thank you, Mom,” Kris said, noting that among her siblings, she was the only one who appreciated jewelry.

The lone favorite piece of jewelry of her mom, at least to Kris, now signifies a quality of the late democracy icon which she said is now being smeared by critics.

“Offended po ako every time sinasabihan na naging sakim sa kapangyarihan at kayamananan ang Mom because nobody was as simple as her,” Kris wrote.

Kris, who has time and again flirted with the idea of entering politics, surmised that that has yet to happen because of a value her mother had inculcated in her.


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“Siguro kaya hindi ako naglakas loob pasukin ang public service (at hindi pa makita in the near future) because apart from my health issues, bilin ng Mom: ‘Kristina, enter public service when you are ready to be simple and no longer excited about material possessions,’” she wrote.

Admittedly a “shopaholic,” Kris pointed out that that tendency has lessened. She conceded, however, that she is still fond of Chanel accessories, gadgets, and designer sneakers.

“So until I can live up to my Mom’s standards, bashers who say wala akong alam (same accusation against my mom, sana bago naman) save your hate. Hindi ko ipapahiya ang Mom ko dahil alam kong hindi ko pa kaya.

“Kaya I’ll keep paying my taxes… and working hard for my sons and me and those who depend on us for their livelihoods. Thanks, Mom for also teaching me to be responsible for those who take care of us,” she wrote.

Aside from the late president’s Chanel necklace, Kris also shared photos of other items that once belonged to her mother. Among them were her engagement ring, as well as a painting her husband, the slain former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino, Jr., had gifted her.


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