Heart Evangelista's handpainted Hermes bags to appear on Kevin Kwan's TV show


Posted at Jul 31 2020 04:54 PM


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MANILA -- "Crazy Rich Asians" author Kevin Kwan has been working on a TV project, and it will feature Heart Evangelista's handpainted Hermes bags.

Evangelista and Kwan made the announcement on Friday, during a web session organized by the society magazine Tatler Philippines.

"I'm proud to say that my bag made it in the series," Evangelista said.

Kwan continued: "She (Evangelista) was kind enough to let us showcase her beautifully painted Birkin bags. We showed them front and center in the TV show."


Kwan did not give more details about his still-unnamed TV show, noting that he has been working on multiple projects along with his new book, "Sex and Vanity," and its movie adaptation. 

He hopes that one day he will get to find the "perfect project" to showcase Evangelista's talents.

"I will keep fighting for that," he told Evangelista, broadcaster Karen Davila, and Tatler Philippines editor-in-chief Anton San Diego.

"I fought for Kris Aquino," he added, referring to the actress-host's brief appearance in the "Crazy Rich Asians" movie. 

Evangelista was featured in Kwan's video on "Real Crazy Rich Asians" for Harper's Bazaar back in 2018, along with other style icons from the region.

The actress said the stint opened a lot of opportunities for her, particularly in the world of fashion.

"Usually when I attend fashion shows or they give me clothes to wear, I get like the leftovers... I mean, I'm very grateful just for them to invite me and send me clothes. But then after the Harper's Bazaar [feature] there's a complete change. I would get first pick, they make me pick whatever I want, and I just didn't get what I was given. That was because of that," she said.

"And it makes a huge difference," she went on. "I feel that the stage can still be shared more with the Filipinos, and you did that for us. So thank you."

Kwan replied: "You are more than welcome. It's part of my mission in life. It's really to showcase Asia in all its full diversity."