Bianca saddened by morenas who endorse whitening products


Posted at Jul 31 2017 05:44 PM

MANILA – TV host Bianca Gonzalez took to social media to voice out her opinion about dark-skinned celebrities who endorse whitening products.

In a series of Twitter posts, Gonzalez said she feels sad whenever she sees morenas like her who are not “proud of their skin.”

“I know the whitening biz is profitable and provides work for thousands, but I can’t help but feel sad when a morena chooses to endorse one,” she said.

“I know an endorsement is an endorsement, a great platform. I’m just all for celebrating the natural skin tone you’re born in, fair or dark,” she added. 

Gonzalez made it clear, however, that she has nothing against those who want to lighten their skin tone.

“Nothing against morenas who choose to whiten their skin, it really is a personal choice. This isn’t to put down anyone, just an opinion,” she said. 

Reacting to a netizen, Gonzalez said: “Kanya-kanya talaga. But it’d be nice to have more morenas show fellow morenas that they’re proud of their skin.”

Gonzalez admitted in 2015 that a company has offered to send her whitening products but she refused, saying that she is “happy being dark.”

The TV host previously opened up about being bullied because she was dark-skinned. She has since been using her social media accounts to remind her fans that a person’s worth is never based on his or her complexion.