Magandang Filipinas reacts to Eva Patalinjug's resignation as national director


Posted at Jul 30 2021 11:57 AM

Magandang Filipinas reacts to Eva Patalinjug's resignation as national director 1
Photo from Facebook: @magandangfilipinasofficial

MANILA -- Magandang Filipinas has responded to Eva Patalinjug's allegations following the former beauty queen's resignation as the national director of the newly formed pageant.

In a statement, Magandang Filipinas founder Shadrach Lopez Crisostomo said Patalinjug is "just creating her misery by carrying the weight of something she was not obliged to carry." 

Contrary to Patalinjug's statements about the organization's supposed "failure to be transparent," Crisostomo pointed out that her tasks as national director were only limited to the program flow, qualifications of candidates, and criteria for judging. 

"To cancel the event due to the COVID-19 surge in Bohol was painful to us, it was not her authority or task to decide the cancellation. In our defense, we are not obliged to secure her permission for that was a company decision for the safety of our staff, candidates, and fans. Even the decision to choose the new venue for the coronation was a company decision and not hers, nor she was given the task or authority to do so," he explained.

"To her allegations that she was not aware of any events organized by us, the reason is obvious; she was hired for the first pageant of Magandang Filipinas but as to the other events of Magandang Filipinas, she was not privy to it," he added.

Crisostomo also reacted to Patalinjug's remark that she was unable to obtain legal documents for sponsorship events, saying that the beauty queen has no authority to solicit on behalf of Magandang Filipinas.

Quoting a memorandum agreement between the organization and Patalinjug, he said: "The national director cannot engage in contracts and business deals on behalf of the company without written consent from the representative of the company."

"These referrals are not her main task for the company, nor she was forced or asked to fervently look for sponsorships," Crisostomo said. "Again, she was just creating her misery and it would be unfair for us if she will drag the company on her dramas."


Crisostomo went on to ask the Patalinjug to "stop this antic once and for all," and hopes that he could still resolve the issue with the former Magandang Filipinas national director. 

"We still want to extend our hand to Ms. Eva and resolve this issue. However, if she doesn't want to, we wish her the best in life. We hope she will find her peace," he said.

Magandang Filipinas was initially set on August 26 in Bohol. Crisostomo assured candidates that they are trying their best to reschedule the competition without risking their health.

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