What made Megan Young join Miss World in 2013


Posted at Jul 22 2021 06:11 PM | Updated as of Jul 22 2021 06:20 PM


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MANILA – With just a few days left before the Miss World Philippines coronation night, Megan Young looked back at her own experience when she decided to venture into the pageant world.

While conversing with her husband Mikael Daez for their vlog entry, Young said she was 22 years old when she first thought of joining a beauty pageant.

“I was thinking, if I join this pageant, what happens if I lose? That was the first thought that I ever had. Nega agad because my work was on the line. I knew that I could not work if I was doing this pageant, which meant that I would have no income, which meant that I could not pay for anything,” she said.

Despite this, she decided to train with Aces & Queens, then led by Jonas Gaffud. However, when she saw Janine Tugonon there, her instinct was to back out immediately.

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“It was 2012 when they asked me to train for Bb. Pilipinas, sila Mama J (Gaffud), Aces & Queens. I didn’t know anything about pageants and they are just like, ‘Try it out. Tignan mo kung gusto mo.’ I went there to train for walking. I saw Janine (Tugonon), and I was like ‘Wow! She’s so beautiful. She’s so confident. She looks like a winner. I am not joining.’”

“Immediately, I was shutting myself off and telling myself, ‘You can’t do this because this girl is gonna win for sure.’ And she eventually ended up winning Bb. Pilipinas Universe that year,” she added.

At that point, she was already working in showbiz and was offered the role of the main kontrabida in a TV series.

“So I was like, okay, 2013 is going to be my year. I’m gonna keep on acting. And then all of a sudden, Aces & Queens calls me again. ‘Do you want to try out Miss World this year?’” she recalled.

Still hesitant that time, Young said it took her a while before she actually saw her purpose of joining a pageant.

“I surprisingly woke up one day and I realized, ‘What am I doing with my work?’ I just go to taping, I do my job, I earn a living, but what’s my purpose. It felt kind of empty at that point because I didn’t know where I was going from there. May natutulungan ba ako? Am I just helping myself? Is it all for selfish gain?” she said.

“At that point, I felt na I wasn’t doing anything for other people. And then sila Mama J showed me Miss World. They made me watch all the Miss World things. It piqued my interest. From that point on, that’s when I decided sige I will commit,” she added.

In 2013, Young joined and won Miss World Philippines. To this date, she remains to be the only beauty queen who has brought home the Miss World crown for the Philippines.