Andi Eigenmann shares skincare tips for kids


Posted at Jul 21 2021 05:26 PM

MANILA -- While she considers herself a "chill" parent, the skin flareups of one of her kids often bring out the "overprotective" mom in Andi Eigenmann.

In an online interview with ABS-CBN News, the actress said she first experienced this with Lilo, the second of her three children.

"Lilo has eczema, and it is our first time to encounter this because Ellie (firstborn) has normal skin," Eigenmann said. 

"It's difficult for me to see her feeling uncomfortable and crying whenever this would happen," she added. 

Eigenmann, who has been based in Siargao with her family, said island life helped improve Lilo's skin condition. But she admitted that being near the beach also has its disadvantages.

"In Manila, we were in the middle of a busy city, living in a condo, and her skin was so much worse there. So, I think the air in general plays a big part," she observed.

"Since moving, it has been better, maybe because air here is cleaner, but still not totally gone. Also, as much as salt water soothes her skin, that and the sun gets it dry also and it's not good to treat eczema."

While finding triggers for eczema is a challenge, Eigenmann said certain habits have eased flareups and kept her child's skin condition at bay.

Some of her tips for parents whose kids have skin conditions and flareups include avoiding food allergens, sticking to a skincare routine, using all-natural detergents without fragrance to clean their clothes, and using kid-friendly and natural products to moisturize their skin. 

"For added maintenance, I put lotion after every bath to keep her skin moisturized," said the actress, who mentioned products from Aveeno which she currently endorses. 

According to Dr. Robert Kwon, an essential health scientist at Johnson & Johnson, almost all babies get rashes at some point in their lives, and many of these go away without treatment. 

But unlike common skin irritations like diaper rash, eczema is a chronic condition with no known cause, with symptoms including dry and scaly skin, redness, and open sores during flareups. 

Kwon went on to advise parents to bring their kids to the doctor if their rash causes them pain, has not faded in three days, does not change color when pressed, or if it appears like bruising. 

They should also note if the rash keeps their kids from participating in daily activities, making it difficult for them to sleep, or starts shortly after eating new food or taking new medication.

Another thing to watch out for is if their kids also have a fever with the rash. 

When asked for tips on dealing with dry or sensitive skin among kids, Kwon mentioned using gentle cleansers and moisturizers designed for babies, and using clothing or bedding that is comfortable to the skin such as cotton. 

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