Movie Review: 'Bloody Crayons' book vs movie

Milliscent Ong

Posted at Jul 21 2017 11:38 AM | Updated as of Jul 21 2017 11:42 AM

MANILA - I have been a reader of Wattpad since I was in high school, and I will not be embarrassed to say that I am still an active reader up to this time. 

I have known some literary works of Filipino Wattpad writers who are excellent in stealing the hearts of their readers from any genre, whether it is romance, comedy, or horror, and Joshua Argonza
is no different from the rest.

"Bloody Crayons," from the best-selling novel by Argonza, is a story initially published at Wattpad and now made into a film produced by Star Cinema. I was so thrilled to learn that this Wattpad story will be showcased on the big screen and played by well-known young actors and actresses of this generation. 

A number of film adaptations from Wattpad had been under Star Cinema but with minor changes to improve the storyline. Let us all admit that after watching a movie adapted from the book, we all have our remarks such as "ay, iniba," "hindi naman to nangyari sa libro," and "wala na, sira na 'yung book." 

But somehow, the Star Cinema movie version never disappoints.

That is why I never had second thoughts of watching the movie and allowed myself to be just contented with the novel. After all, not every movie adaptation can please and satisfy everyone.

"Bloody Crayons" is a story about a group of graduating students who visited an island for their summer vacation. After settling in, the group decided to play the infamous game Bloody Crayons. 

A series of unfortunate events followed, secrets were revealed, friendships were ruined, and emotions got out of hand. A killer in the house made things worse, and they need to figure out who he or she was before they all get killed.

I understand how the director, Topel Lee, wanted to show or give the viewers an idea or a glimpse of each of the characters' personality and relationship to each other. But personally, I feel like there were unnecessary scenes that, if removed, would not be detrimental to the movie. An example is the beach scene where the
group made a hasty decision to swim and strip one by one into their swimsuits – with slow motion effect. 

However, I truly enjoyed and appreciated the humor in the dialogue. Chaos ensued when the gang started to play the game Bloody Crayons. The entire cast played their individual roles commendably. You can readily identify the flirt, the goody two shoes, the enigmatic/bad boy, the smart one, the jock, the joker, and the final girl. 

The acting was remarkable and I was taken aback by the performance of Janella Salvador, Elmo Magalona, Yves Flores, Maris Racal, and Empoy Marquez, who had an intense ruckus as they try to figure out who the real killer is. Not to mention Jane Oineza, Sofia Andres and Diego Loyzaga's acting.

Overall, "Bloody Crayons" is ideal for those who are fond of watching movies related to psychological thriller, mystery and murder.