WATCH: Maureen Wroblewitz' message to Tyra Banks


Posted at Jul 14 2017 07:01 PM | Updated as of Jul 14 2017 09:52 PM

MANILA - After she won "Asia's Next Top Model," Maureen Wroblewitz seemed to have one big name as her fan: American host and former model Tyra Banks.

Banks, creator of "America's Next Top Model" from which the Asian franchise of the competition was based, recently called Wroblewitz a "Pinoy Queen" on Instagram.

"Pinoy Queen! Mama TyTy is so proud of you!" she wrote in a comment on Wroblewitz's Instagram post on her Nylon magazine cover.

In an interview on Friday, Wroblewitz said she hasn't spoken to Banks, but she wished she could.

"When I saw that, I was really freaking out. It's just crazy because she's from 'America's Next Top Model' and she's huge. And for her to go on my Instagram page and comment, that is just huge," she said in an interview on ANC's "Headstart."

When asked to give a message to Banks, the young model replied: "Thank you for believing in me and for thinking that I'm a Pinoy Queen and for being proud of me!"

Wroblewitz, who bested 13 other contestants from different parts of the continent, became the first Filipino to win the title after five cycles.

She took home the coveted contract with London-based Storm Model Management. She will also be on the cover of Nylon Singapore's online edition, in addition to being featured in other high-profile fashion campaigns.

But before emerging on top, Wroblewitz faced her insecurities head on. In one episode, her fellow contestants labelled her as just a "pretty face with no skills." 

Fueled by her determination to prove her doubters wrong, she went on to have the best photo for that particular shoot. 

"I didn't expect to reach out so many people out there and it just feels so amazing that I could, because so many people tell me that I inspire them. It just feels amazing that I get to be that inspiration to so many people out there," she said.