Did KC Concepcion just announce her split from French boyfriend?


Posted at Jul 09 2019 11:30 AM


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MANILA – Jewelry designer and model KC Concepcion left many of her fans in shock as she referred to herself as a “single lady” in one of her Instagram posts.

Sharing a photo of her brunch in bed on Monday, Concepcion longed to have someone by her side as she recovers from seasonal flu.

“These are the times we single ladies probably wish we had someone by our side at home,” the former actress said.

Concepcion went on to thank her “friends, aunt, fans, and agent” for the “natural meds and unexpected home-cooked Asian meals,” saying these helped her “recover super fast.”

Her followers were quick to notice that her French boyfriend, Pierre Plassart, was not mentioned anywhere in her post.


Brunch in bed ✨☁️ I truly believe that the people and energy you surround yourself with can either hurt, or heal you 🔥 . Living on my own, I nursed myself for a full week to get through the seasonal flu 🤒 These are the times we single ladies probably wish we had someone by our side at home 😂 All natural meds and unexpected homecooked Asian meals from my friends, aunt, fans and agent are helping me recover super fast. It’s really about how much Love surrounds you!!! I’m touched ok and super grateful 💕😅 PS I’ll make today the last day of breakfast in bed for a while cuz there’s danger in getting used to this! 😉 Be well, beautiful people! ✨

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“‘We single ladies,’ should I read between the lines?” one netizen asked Concepcion.

“Where’s Pep?” a follower added, tagging Plassart’s Instagram account.

Some fans, however, speculated that Concepcion used the word single to refer to an unmarried woman, and not necessarily someone who is no longer in a relationship.

“Single means dalaga, wala lang siyang asawa,” one of them commented.

“Single means unmarried, that does not mean what you are insinuating,” quipped another.

Rumors about Concepcion’s breakup with Plassart first surfaced in May, after netizens noticed that she no longer posts their photos on Instagram.

The former actress calmly responded to the issue, saying they only wanted “a little privacy.”

It was in August 2018 when Concepcion publicly introduced Plassart, a filmmaker, as her new beau.