Meet Tulkas: Pinoy artist unveils Filipino X-Men 2099 character


Posted at Jul 07 2022 07:10 PM


A post shared by Kim Jacinto (@kimjacintoart)

MANILA — A new Filipino character is joining Marvel's X-Men 2099 roster.

In an Instagram post, comic artist Kim Jacinto revealed his character art for the character Tulkas who will make his debut on Spider-Man 2099: Exodus number 5. 

"Tulkas is a Filipino Brawler with powers that make him tough!" he said in the caption. 

Jacinto also posted futuristic sketches of X-Men 2099 characters Northstar, Phoenix, and Cyclops for the same series. 

Written by Steve Orlando and brought to life by an all-star lineup of artists including Paul Fry, David Wachter, Marco Castiello, Ze Carlos, Alessandro Mircola, and Kim Jacinto, the new Spider-Man 2099: Exodus series takes Miguel O' Hara on an epic journey across all corners of the 2099 Marvel Universe. 

Each issue will shift focus to a new character or team, debuting exciting new characters such as 2099 Winter Soldier, a new version of 2099 Loki, and new members of the 2099 X-Men. 

The "X-Men" is a fictional team of superheroes based on American comic books published by Marvel Comics. The superheroes are believed to have gotten their superpowers from their mutated genes. 

The series has been known for its story arcs against the government and against its own kind. X-Men is also known for embracing culturally diverse and gender-inclusive characters. 


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