LOOK: A tour of Team Kramer's new home


Posted at Jul 07 2019 02:32 PM | Updated as of Jul 07 2019 09:48 PM


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MANILA — The family of celebrity couple Doug and Chesca Kramer recently moved in to their new home, and now they’ve shared a first glimpse inside the mansion.

Team Kramer, as they are popularly known, “rushed” the transfer last week in time for the 10th birthday party of Kendra, who had requested her parents to host the celebration at the newly built house.

On Instagram, Doug and Chesca shared new photos of the Kramer home, including a look inside a theater room, a play room, as well as a garden with a swimming pool.


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“Enjoying the weather, the view and the sound of chirping birds at my favorite spot outside the house,” Chesca captioned a photo of her with son Gavin lounging near the pool.

Doug was a proud new owner of the theater room, which he first conceptualized two years ago. The basketball player revealed that he attended to its littlest details, including the manual measurements of the power outlets and the spacing of the rows of seats, and ensuring there would be no visible wires.

“It’s my dream theater build and I can’t wait to rewatch more movies with family and friends! With that being said, I’m charging P200 lang per head, so come over na!” he wrote, in jest.


I'm happy to present our Team Kramer theater! If you know me, you'll know one of my hobbies is listening to good speakers, and watching movies with the fam. The first cinema I designed from scratch was the one at our previous house. Unlike that one, which was red and black. I went with black and brown, with brown being an accent wood around the cinema. . Swipe to see the before and after progress! 😍 . I conceptualized this look over 2 years ago and I couldn't wait to execute it at our new place. That's why I get so excited for every visit to the house. I was so detailed with the whole house, but extra detailed when it came to the theater, I did manual measurements for power outlets, distance between the wood ceiling claddings and even the spacing for the rows of seats. You won't see any equipment in the theater, it's all in a control room. Everything is controlled via automation. Free from visible wires, equipment. Just the visibility of the speakers, screen and the wood. . For those wondering, it's a 180 inch 2.35 aspect ratio screen, powered by a Sony Laser 4k native projector, with an 11.2.4 sound system. Meaning 11 surround speakers, 2 subwoofers and 4 ceiling Atmos speakers. . It's my dream theater build and I cant wait to rewatch more movies with family and friends! With that being said, I'm charging 200 Pesos lang per head, so come over na! 😂😂😂

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The three Kramer children can also be seen studying in a classroom, photos of which were also shared by Doug.

Previously, Doug showed what appears to be a dining area in an Instagram post, captioned: “Kids can’t decide which is their fave spot of the house.”

But going by the kids’ reaction to a basement “adventure zone,” or a play area complete with slides and a ball pit, picking their favorite area will not be so difficult.


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According to Doug, Team Kramer will give a more detailed tour of the new home — the latest family milestone they’ve shared with adoring fans over the years — in an upcoming vlog.