Will Andi Manzano allow daughter Olivia to enter showbiz?


Posted at Jul 07 2017 06:33 PM

MANILA - Andi Manzano was on top of her game as a radio jockey for one of the leading FM stations in the metro. 

And now, she's known as the mother of Olivia, an adorable toddler with nearly 300,000 Instagram followers.

While she thrived in the limelight, Manzano admitted on Friday that she does not want her daughter to enter show business, at least for now.

"Whatever makes her happy in the future, when she knows already what she wants, then we’ll support it. But for now, if you ask me if she’s gonna be an artista, no, from my point of view," she said in an interview on ANC's "Headstart."

Manzano has more than half a million followers on Instagram and another 30,000 on YouTube, yet she claims she does not know how her rise to popularity online happened.

"Up to now, I’m still wondering how everything happened. I think once you’re very truthful to yourself and you’re not plastic, people want to relate with you as well. I think people start following you," she said.

Manzano said her social media career "just organically happened," recalling that she and her husband, GP Reyes, only wanted to document their daughter Olivia's life when they started sharing her photos.

"When I gave birth and we had a baby, we started posting because you know, we wanted to tag someone who, maybe in the future when she's 2 or she's 5, she'll see all her photos when she's a baby and bring back the memories," she said.

When Manzano started posting snippets of Olivia's daily life online, she wanted to be sure that these are things "that people can actually do and be inspired about."

"When it's on YouTube and they see how you react to your child, how you communicate with your child, and just your daily life, I think about the rawness of it," she said.

Manzano was recognized in April as the Top Parenting Influencer in Influence Asia 2017, the continent's largest social media awards show.