Solenn Heussaff initially wanted to become a fashion designer


Posted at Jul 06 2022 02:34 PM

Photo from the Instagram page of Solenn Heussaff
Photo from the Instagram page of Solenn Heussaff

MANILA – Before she became a television personality, Solenn Heussaff admitted her original dream back when she was younger was to become a fashion designer.

Heussaff, however, told Bianca Gonzalez in the host’s vlog that she only figured that out when she was 16 years old.

“It’s not like a dream of mine since I was a kid. You know, when you interview all these designers, they all say na they started cutting up dresses for their Barbie dolls. It never kind of was anything like that for me. I knew for sure I wanted to do something in the arts because that’s what I excelled in in school,” she said.

Heussaff said fashion design only came to her mind because she used to do shoots for her friends back in the day.

“I would be the photographer, I would style. I thought okay maybe the whole fashion industry is meant for me that’s why I decided to study fashion,” she said.

“But when I think about it now that I am 37, how can you know at such a young age when you haven’t experienced the world yet? You live in your bubble. It’s a little hard to pressure someone at that age to know what they want to do or where they want to be,” she added.

Several years later and with a thriving career as an actress, singer, artist and entrepreneur, Heussaff confessed she still feels she has not focused on any of them.

“Every time I fill up the airport forms, they ask what’s your occupation, I never know. I don’t want to say I am an actress because I feel like I have so much work to do still as an actress. I usually put TV personality or something like that. I also don’t want to put singer because I feel like I am not Mariah Carey,” she said.

Heussaff admitted that it’s hard for her to define what she does.

“Until now, if you tell me I need pick one, I still can’t pick,” she said. “The beauty of my journey is that I don’t really need to at this point. Everything kind of worked together for me at least. I always feel there’s so much more to learn.”

As a piece of advice to those still figuring out what they want, Heussaff said they need to be patient and work hard because nothing happens overnight.

“I would say that try it out and know that it will take time to see if you’re meant for it or not. Don’t give up overnight.”