WATCH: Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico make piaya for local chefs


Posted at Jul 06 2021 03:18 PM

WATCH: Solenn Heussaff, Nico Bolzico make piaya for local chefs 1
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MANILA -- Solenn Heussaff and Nico Bolzico had a hilarious cook-off that showcased piaya, a sweet unleavened flatbread from Bacolod.

The celebrity couple appeared on FEATR, a YouTube channel by Heussaff's younger brother Erwan. 

The cooking vlog featured Erwan and two local chefs as judges: Bacolod-born JP Anglo of Sarsa and YouTube star Ninong Ry.

FEATR's own chef, Martin Narisima, guided Heussaff and Bolzico in making the popular Filipino snack. 

"I have absolutely no idea what piaya is. If it is from Bacolod it would have to have some chicken on it," said Bolzico, an Argentine who has made the Philippines his home.

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Presenting their creations to the judges, Heussaff said her take on piaya includes grated dalandan zest "just to give it a more tangy feel," and a drizzle of coconut jam.

"I wanted to enhance the flavor and kind of remove the sweetness," she said. 

Bolzico, for his part, cited "diversity and many colors in Bacolod" as his inspiration. 

"If you look at my piaya, you have the first one it's a bit burned, because that burn also has taste," he said, drawing laughter from the judges. 

"The second one is a bit less cooked... Then I used one with cheese and one with and chocolate and coconut syrup."

In the end, chef-judges Anglo and Ninong Ry chose Bolzico's version of piaya.

"I choose the one that was interesting and new. I choose Nico's," Anglo said. 

"The cheese wasn't really a surprise for me. The sweet and salty combination is never a bad thing naman, di ba? So Nico's," added Ninong Ry.

Erwan, for his part, explained why Bolzico ended up being the winner even if his sister was generally a better cook. 

"Yours was good. It was okay throughout. It was consistent," he told his sister. 

"Nico was like a rollercoaster. He had some absolutely terrible bites that were undercooked, but I happen to have one really good piece. And I think the cheese was actually a really good combination," he explained.

Bolzico, for his part, expressed his happiness over the results, saying it was the first time he ever won a cooking competition.

Heussaff, in response, showed her support, saying: "I'm sure you're so happy!"

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