Camille Prats on fitness transformation: It's all about commitment


Posted at Jul 01 2021 05:47 PM

MANILA -- While she is flattered by comments about her noticeably slimmer figure, Camille Prats was quick to remind the public that she did not achieve her fitness transformation overnight.

The actress pointed out that she has been working on improving her physical health since June last year, stressing the importance of discipline and commitment in achieving her fitness goals. 

"The commitment is the key to the changes that happened to me, to the transformation. It's really about committing to working out, like really doing quality workouts, devoting 30 to 45 minutes of your time each day," Prats said in a recent virtual media conference for the supplement brand Puritan's Pride, which she endorses.

"Sometimes kasi when we work out it depends on our mood. If we're in the mood to work out, we'll do it. But if we're not, then we won't do it. Hindi siya priority kasi," she added. "But for me and my husband, we made it our top priority." 

She went on: "Each morning we get up, we get dressed, we go down to our garage and we start working out. That's how we start our day... It's just really making time for it. If it matters to you that much, if it really is important to you, then you will make time for it."

And while her fitness journey may appear perfect on social media, Prats admitted that it has not been always easy for her.

But the actress said it was her commitment to becoming healthier that kept her going. 

"There were a lot of times when I would struggle with myself because I didn't want to do it or I felt too lazy to do it. But then it came to a point na I just show up, I do it whether I like it or not, I just keep doing it, I finish it, and I'm done," she said. 

When asked to give advice to those who want to follow in her footsteps but are discouraged because of the lack of support of their family and loved ones, Prats said: "If you want to change something about yourself, then you have to commit yourself. You shouldn't mind what other people will say because everyone will always have something to say." 

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