Heart Evangelista helps rescue dog left tied up in the rain


Posted at Jun 30 2020 12:39 PM


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MANILA -- "To the 5 people who left her there to die... Shame on you."

Heart Evangelista made this statement on Instagram Stories on Monday as she helped rescue a dog that has been abandoned under the rain at the Bonifacio Global City Arts Center in Taguig.

Reacting to a Facebook post by a concerned citizen, the actress said she had the dog picked up by the animal welfare group Pawssion Project.

"She will have water and food to eat then will be brought to [the] vet. I will make sure she goes to school and have the best life. Good luck, karma is real, people. Hopefully, someone will give her a home," Evangelista said in a series of Instagram Stories photos showing the dog, which she named Cloud.

"Oh and thanks for making that rope on her head extra tight while she suffers under the rain," she added with sarcasm. 

In an Instagram post, Pawssion Project said Cloud "is so traumatized" and would wake up every time she hears her rescuer move because "she does not want to be left alone."

"To our very dedicated rescuer Gab, thank you for going out of your way to rescue Cloud tonight! Thank you for fostering Cloud till Heart gets her," the group said. 


Tonight’s emergency rescue❕ My name is Cloud, and I don’t know why people abandoned me. I was tied to a bush, under the rain, in the middle of a pandemic. I was so scared and I cried and cried until I got help. Thank you Pam for acting on your compassion right away and getting help for me. They initially reached out to the police and they were brushed off. They even said “Hindi po namin priority. Covid po kami.” @iamhearte reached out to Pawssion Project for my rescue and it was also then when we got messages from people about the post Pam made. A rescuer came and even if I was scared and unsure, I still felt rescued. I was crying in the car, but felt comforted by her dog who felt so relaxed. I still don’t understand why I was abandoned 💔 But they fed me and changed my collar and they even gave me a blanket to sleep on. They said they will bring me to the vet tomorrow for check up and Heart and the Pawssion Project team will look for the best adopter and family for me. Thank youfor rescuing me when others thought of me as a disposable item. That means a lot to me.. - Cloud To our very dedicated rescuer Gab, Thank you for going out if your way to rescue Cloud tonight! Thank you for fostering Cloud till Heart gets her. As per our rescuer Gab, Cloud is so traumatized. She cries and would wake up everytime she hears Gab move. She does not want to be left alone 💔

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A well-known animal lover, Evangelista previously worked with Pawssion Project to provide shelter to a homeless man who cares for stray dogs.

The actress serves as a spokesperson of the Philippine Animal Welfare Society, and has been working on putting up an animal welfare facility in Sorsogon.