Experience the unexperienced: New flavors from the metro

Louise Penera

Posted at Jun 30 2018 05:59 AM

MANILA - For every foodie, the metro offers various options. Here are some of the picks from ANC's Cityscape:


This July, Sofitel’s Spiral is launching their Bienvenue Au Terroi: French week. Expect delectable dishes from different regions of France that will surely delight French cuisine enthusiasts.

Add wine to dishes prepared by French Master Chef Julien Cosse and you're off to an exceptional gastronomic experience.

Cosse describes the French cuisine as simple yet precise, making it the ‘heart of comfort food.’

“What is really making us proud in France is that you don’t need to make such elaborative food, you know? It has to be simple to respect the flavor of the raw ingredient and try to transfer it as less as you can to preserve the flavor,” Cosse said.


Photo from Lartizan website

A French-themed pastry shop led to the birth of Lartizan, a classy French bakery and restaurant.

Johnlu Koa, founder and CEO of French Baker and owner of Lartizan, created the boulangerie after hearing a remark from one of the customers in his shop a decade ago.

“While I was standing in one of my stores, somebody quipped: “Ay, French Baker is not French enough.” And so I thought to myself, what does it mean not to be French enough? And then I realized, […] I was in a middle-market mall,” Koa said.

After learning and developing his baking techniques, Koa thought of creating a second brand that would carry over his knowledge of artisanal baking. 

He also refused to charge his bread and butter to give customers a “unique experience.” He also made unusual policies in the restaurant by removing the corkage fee for alcoholic beverages such as wine and champagne. 

“I really wanted to have a place that can give them [a] unique experience of tasting bread, and eating the bread with other French classics,” Koa said.

“They can take [our bread] with our steaks, our chowders, our biscuits, our fresh French oyster flown in weekly, and also with our mussels also from Europe…all of this [is something you] do not find in normal restaurants,” he added.

Aside from artisanal pastries and high-end French cuisine, Lartizan also offers a quiet, traditional French café with its lavish and luxurious décor at the heart of a busy city. The boulangerie is located at Uptown Mall, Makati City.


Screengrab from Ooma Sushi Bar's Instagram page

Getting tired of all the French dishes? Then maybe it’s time to taste some Japanese maki and sushi located at Salcedo village.

The restaurant completely brings out the vibe of Tsukiji Fish market, a populated wet market in Japan known for its fresh seafood, from its urbanized furniture and its modern décor similar to the market itself.

But that’s not even half of the story. Ooma Sushi Bar also championed its dynamic and flexible Japanese food, a complete change from the traditional Japanese theme of other Ooma restaurants. 

Ralph Reyes, Ooma sushi bar’s executive chef, created a menu that is uniquely owned by the establishment. Moving away from the traditional, he infused modern techniques to create food satisfying not only one—but all the senses of the body.

“[Ooma Sushi Bar] plays more [with] the bold flavors when it comes to Japanese [dishes and] not only the typical, authentic Japanese flavors,” Reyes said.

With creativity and imagination, Reyes managed to pull off dishes with bursting flavors strange to the palate but satisfying enough to pacify anyone’s craving.

“We play along with the good flavors such as acidity, balance—even the texture and the overall filling or the overall bursting flavors of each dishes,” he added.

They offer a wide-range of traditional-turned-modern food such as their Aburi bowls typically filled with seafood or pork, mixed with an array of Japanese spices and toppings that will surely get anyone hung up on Japanese food.