DLSU's cat alumnus Archer passes away due to kidney complications


Posted at Jun 29 2019 11:45 AM

MANILA - De La Salle University's resident tabby cat Archer passed away Saturday after suffering from an advanced stage of chronic kidney disease.

Ultrasound showed that Archer had been relying on his right kidney for some time as its left counterpart had already shrunk, Carmel Puertollano said in a post on DLSU-Professors for the Uplifttment of Society's Animals' (DLSU-PUSA) Facebook page.

"Archer stays by the water bowl so he can have easy access to water," Puertollano said.

"This is also an indication that his kidneys are no longer able to efficiently and effectively do its job of filtering waste, so water only passes through his system without really 'cleaning' the waste that should be carried out of the body through the urine," she said.

Veterinarians did not recommend to place the 6-year old orange and white feline under surgery due to multiple complications in his mouth, lymph nodes and liver, she said.

Archer's hind legs were swollen, fluid accumulated around his liver and his mouth had sores, Puertollano said.

The tabby went viral earlier this year after the Green Archers held a graduation ceremony to mark his exit from the university grounds.

He had to be adopted by "Ate Jenny," a former school security personnel, due to his ailment.