What Nadine told fans who said she 'doesn't need heavy makeup'


Posted at Jun 27 2019 12:33 PM

MANILA - Here's another instance that can be added to the popular "President Nadine" memes. 

True to her outspoken personality, Nadine Lustre on Wednesday responded to fans who told her that she "doesn't need heavy makeup" to look pretty.


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It all started when makeup artist Jelly Eugenio posted a photo of Lustre's Barbie-inspired look on Instagram.

"But I never not overline," the actress told Eugenio in jest.

Some fans, however, started to heap praise on Lustre's facial features, saying she does not need to turn to heavy makeup to look good.

"Super pretty ka na kasi, Nadz. No need for overlining and heavy makeup. You look even prettier with less makeup," one netizen said. 

Another quipped: "To be honest, di bagay sa 'yo mag-overline ng lips. Just my opinion as a fan. You're prettier without it." 

Feeling that the situation is starting to get out of hand, Lustre replied to the thread, saying: "I understand and respect all your opinions, but it's my body."

"As supporters, I really hope you respect my decisions, too," she added. 

Unlike most of her peers, Lustre is known for her candid responses in interviews. 

This includes the now-famous "C'mon guys, it's 2017" remark amid rumors that she is already living with her boyfriend, actor James Reid.