Poet Lang Leav surprised by debut novel's success

Jenica Chuahiock, Metro Magazine

Posted at Jun 27 2017 11:19 AM

Poet Lang Leav. Photo by Spotlight Creatives

Last week, Lang Leav returned to Philippines to promote her latest book, and debut novel, "Sad Girls," which officially launched worldwide on May 30. Though it’s only been a few weeks since "Sad Girls" hit the shelves, it has already topped the charts in bookstores worldwide, and is even poised to outsell her wildly popular poetry books. 

“It’s quite surreal,” says Lang, who became a publishing sensation after her Tumblr poetry became viral back in 2012. 

She has since published four poetry books, "Love: A Misadventure," "Lullabies," "Memories," and "The Universe of Us," all of which had been a commercial success. Regardless, Lang was still surprised by her debut novel’s quick rise to the bestselling list, as sales reached hundreds of thousands within just the first weeks. 

The book begins with the confession of the protagonist, Audrey, whose one careless lie leads to fatal consequences. Fans of Lang will be very pleased to find familiar themes, such as love, romance and heartache, peppered with the flowery verses that she is most known for. But there is also a darker undertone, as the plot progresses into this cautionary, coming-of-age tale. 

Photo by Spotlight Creatives

Like the fable of the boy who cried wolf, "Sad Girls" takes the childish act of dishonesty and propels a tragedy. 

“I don’t think a lie is a small thing,” says Lang, “Dishonesty is a massive thing. I think in our society, [a lie] doesn’t seem like a huge crime. But I wanted to represent how a lie could have such a destructive effect on Audrey’s life, and the lives of those around her.”

With the hype of Lang’s debut novel in full swing, fans and press are now eagerly asking, is a "Sad Girls" sequel in the works? 

“I’ve been asked so much about that,” says Lang, with a smile. “[The novel] has only been out for a few weeks, so I’m going to sit and enjoy this period of it just going out into the world.” 

“I’m not discounting a sequel completely,” admits Lang. “I do have an idea of how the world will transpire if there was ever to be a second book.” 

But for now, she is taking everything at its own time, focusing this moment to engage with her fans and how they connect to "Sad Girls."