This is the pasta dish at the center of the #SpaghettiScandal

Joko Magalong-de Veyra

Posted at Jun 26 2020 06:55 PM

MANILA -- Curious about the spaghetti involved in the #SpaghettiScandal? 

“Barely a month in the business, we found ourselves entangled in a series of posts about a certain blogger, dubbed by some as the #SpaghettiScandal,” admits Alexandrea So of Le Petite Chef. 


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Founded by husband-wife team Kendrick and Alexandrea So, Le Petite Chef might have been caught off-guard by being embroiled in a blogger-tell-all, but sticking and focusing on their mindset of providing comfort food choices for people at home has enabled them to move forward and thrive. 

“Thankfully before the issue blew up, we already spoke with the concerned parties. We’re also grateful for the support of the food KOLs (key opinion leaders), especially now that we all need to support local businesses, big and small,” shared So. 


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Named after their "little chef," their daughter Madeline, Le Petite Chef currently has only one item in the menu — a cheesy spaghetti tray which comes in various sizes. 

“Our spaghetti dish is a recipe from Kendrick’s aunt, who also knows her way around the kitchen. He learned to make it back when he was in high school, and has since been making it for special occasions,” said So.

A tray of Le Petite Chef’s Spaghetti is like childhood memories made real. 

This is what our childhood spaghetti dreams are made of — spaghetti mixed in with sauce, meat, and a very generous amount of hotdogs. A forkful is sweet, but not too sweet that it gets cloying, and that’s thanks mostly to the rich velvety draping of creamy and savory cheese sauce. It straddles that beautiful cheesy and sweet line that makes Filipino spaghetti unique and delicious. 


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“My husband and I want to grow Le Petite Chef by expanding our menu. We are exploring more comfort food choices, loved by both kids and adults, and shared with families and friends,” said So. 

Le Petite Chef’s Spaghetti Trays start at P300 for the smallest tray (5” x 7” size for 1-2 persons), followed by the medium tray at P650 (8” x 9” size for 3-5 persons). Their biggest tray is priced at P950 (8” x 12” size for 6-8 persons). The garlic parsley baguette is P70 per order. 

They deliver in Metro Manila as well as in Rizal, Cavite, and Laguna. 

Order forms are available in their Instagram and Facebook pages.