'Easier the second time around': Kryz Uy talks about adjusting to being a mom of 2


Posted at Jun 23 2022 03:26 PM


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Kryz Uy is happily adjusting to being a mom of two.

The vlogger and her husband, former "Pinoy Big Brother" winner Slater Young, recently welcomed their second child, Sevi. 

Their eldest, Scottie, was born in 2020.

"This is so much easier the second time around," Uy said in a recent vlog, where she gave a glimpse of her life as a mother of two. "With Scottie... I was a mess and I was sweating all the time."

"Now with Sevi, I feel like I'm a master," she added in jest.

Uy said she does not panic as much anymore as her experience with Scottie and all the books she has read gave her more confidence as a mother. 

"I think it's all the experience already that I have, plus all the books that I've read, that has helped me become a calm mom. I know when to worry, I know when it's normal, I know when it's okay that he's crying or when I need to step in," she said.

Despite this, Uy admitted that she is still trying to find the balance between her two kids, as she senses that "sibling rivalry or jealousy will happen eventually."

She added that she is also still struggling to manage her time and energy, pointing out that a life with two little boys can sometimes be difficult.

But overall, she is happy at this stage of her life.

"When Slater and I moved here three years ago, this house was very, very quiet... But now after two kids, ang ingay-ingay -- which is good because it's not boring anymore. It's not so quiet, it's not so lonely," she said. 

"Happy noise talaga. Now I know what it means," she added.