WATCH: American eating champ finishes 5 buckets of ChickenJoy

Kimberly Kathreen Khaye Dave

Posted at Jun 22 2018 11:28 AM

"Carnage" is how Matt Stonie described it, referring to the "massacre" he just did – not of people, but of fried chicken.

In his YouTube channel, the American competitive eater once again wowed his subscribers with his "Jollibee Five Bucket Challenge" video, which has 2.6 million views as of writing.

"I don't know about why everybody has been talking about Jollibee so much... It seems like it's so hyped up recently," Stonie curiously said in his video. 

This was the same reason he used as an "excuse" to try it for the first time.

"We're gonna get fat today," Stonie said as he found out that he will be munching up to 11,500 calories' worth of fried chicken.

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Stonie finished the first bucket in 6 minutes, and hit the 10-minute mark after eating his second batch of fried chicken. 

By the time he reached his 13th piece, Stonie started to take turns in munching chicken pieces and drinking water. 

He downed the third and fourth buckets at the 22-minute mark. 

"I gotta say, the juiciness of this chicken... I could see it being good from one piece, two pieces...Twenty-four pieces going on thirty, its juiciness is kinda kickin' back," said Stonie as he
stared on the remaining seven pieces.

After eating all five buckets of chicken in 27 minutes, he said: "There you go."