‘Ikot-Ikot’ fries? Fan’s mockup of Sarah G meal, inspired by BTS promo, goes viral


Posted at Jun 21 2021 07:40 PM

MANILA — A fan’s take on what a Sarah Geronimo-inspired meal would look like, modeled after the ongoing BTS Meal promo of McDonald’s, has gone viral on social media.

Fittingly, the mockup by fan @RvinXXXtian imagines “The Pop Star Meal” as a tie-up with Jollibee, as Geronimo is a real-life endorser of the homegrown fast food chain.

As seen in the poster, the inclusions of the meal are Coke Sarah, Ikot-Ikot Twister Fries, and Tala Nuggets.

The drink’s name is a play on “Coach Sarah,” the pop superstar’s role in the “The Voice of the Philippines,” while the two dishes are named after her hits.

The nuggets are supposed to be star-shaped, after “Tala”; while the fries are looping in shape, after “Ikot-Ikot.” (In reality, McDonald’s, not Jollibee, offers Twister Fries. Jollibee has the seasonal Crisscut Fries.)

“Free delivery kahit abutin pa ng kilometrong layo,” goes a text on the poster, quoting lyrics from Geronimo’s other pop track, “Kilometro.”

Going by the amused and excited reactions to the edit, the meal would have a sure market, especially in “Popsters,” or Geronimo’s legion of loyal fans.

As of writing, a tweet of the poster by user @jjcobwebb has reached 15,000 likes, and some 3,400 retweets, including quote tweets.

The original artist behind the mockup followed up with another imagined promo, this time featuring “The Songbird Meal” from music icon Regine Velasquez, also an actual Jollibee endorser.

“Free delivery, araw-gabi,” goes a line, using the title of Velasquez’s enduring classic.

This meal, meanwhile, includes Crispy Wings of Love (chicken wings, named after “On the Wings of Love”), and a Coke float and fries or rice.

The actual BTS Meal, which remains a popular item, was launched internationally last week. Its packaging, with the logo and colors of the K-pop supergroup, is seen as the draw of the curated meal, becoming a collector’s item among ARMY, or fans of the “Butter” hitmaker.