Antipolo eats: Burrow digs deep into nature for inspiration

Barbie Salvador-Muhlach

Posted at Jun 20 2019 05:58 AM

Burrow Cafe is located at Beverly Hills Subdivision in Taytay. Photo provided by author

MANILA -- Dining out is as much as a food adventure as it is an experiential getaway. This is especially true for Burrow Cafe. 

The café sits right at the boundary of Taytay and Antipolo City in Rizal, and driving up to it is already a quick escape in itself. At the turn from the national road on to a narrow village street, one is easily transported to the rural outskirts of Metro Manila. And with views of sprawling trees on your way there, it’s hard to imagine that the bustle of C5 and Ortigas is just 10 kilometers away. 

Guests have to descend 76 steps to the cafe. Photo provided by author

But like any hidden gem, the restaurant demands some work from those who wants to see its beauty. To get in, guests must first make their way down the 76 steps that are carved on the side of a hill to a leveled garden. Here, one can breathe in the al fresco and enjoy the small patch of greenery. 

It's a picturesque spot where one will first see the actual burrow: an underground access that leads one to the other side of the hill and into the restaurant. Once inside, visitors are treated to an airy, spacious area and floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding forest. 

The interiors of Burrow Cafe. Photo provided by author

The restaurant’s interiors are a sight indeed with its bursting colors and artful touches. The menu is hidden inside books or leather covers, and there are small areas for artisan fare like cold-pressed soap and wooden toy cars. 

There are hammocks for guests. Photo provided by author
There is also a nearby stream. Photo provided by author

Guests are also encouraged to roam around and hammocks are hung from the exposed beams invitingly. Nature-lovers, meanwhile, are invited to explore a nearby stream that can be accessed via a door in a brick wall. 

Photo provided by author

Photo provided by author

Photo provided by author

Photo provided by author

Photo provided by author

Let’s not forget: the food is equally refreshing too. The Burrow offers a range of items, from comfort dishes like Nutella Pancakes to sophisticated meals like Beef Ribs and Risotto. For those looking for something lighter, there’s also a selection of proper coffee and delightful desserts like Dayap Crème Brulee and Chocolate Ganache Cake. 

Don’t come in hungry and expecting your food to arrive immediately though. Service here is prompt but meals can take a while. After all, it’s not a fast food joint; it’s a haven that begs to be enjoyed slowly amid a nature that calls for a pause.

Burrow Cafe is located 113 at Beverly Hills Avenue, Beverly Hills Subdivision, Taytay, Rizal.