IN PHOTOS: F1 Hotel serves gastronomic fusion in annual LuzViMinda buffet

Jeeves de Veyra

Posted at Jun 20 2017 04:49 PM

F1 Hotel executive chef Decker Gokioco (left) with guest chefs Kalel Chan, Kel Zaguirre, and Dennis Uy. Photo by author

MANILA -- F1 Hotel Manila is currently holding its annual LuzViMinda Filipino Buffet in celebration of Independence Day month and as with previous iterations, it has invited three well known chefs to cook up their unique vision of “gastronomic fusion” for Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao food. 

The guest chefs’ challenge was to apply modern practices to traditional culture and cuisine continuing the Taguig hotel’s advocacy of showcasing Filipino dishes with an added twist of modern culinary artistry to the traditional essence of classical cuisine.

Mikel Zaguirre, known for his innovative spin on Filipino cuisine in Locavore, did not disappoint with recipes from northern and central Luzon. 

Among his interesting dishes were his Pinoy Bacon Pinakbet, the Crispy Pata Roulade, the sous-vide Short Ribs sa Gata, and the Lechong Manok Bihon. 

Pinakbet with Pinoy Bacon. Photo by author
Crispy Pata Roulade. Photo by author
Short Ribs sa Gata. Photo by author
Lechong Manok Bihon. Photo by author

Zaguirre also serves up his version of Grilled BBQ Tocino Skewers, a dish that got foodies driving all the way to Angeles City in Pampanga for a couple of sticks. 

Grilled BBQ Pork Tocino Skewers. Photo by author

Pair his grilled ensaymada, buko pie, or Caramel Kamote with F1’s in-house ice cream for a sweet ending to his Luzon menu.

Grilled Ensaymada with F1 Ube Ice Cream. Photo by author

Chef Dennis Uy, owner of Cebu-based Mexican restaurant Meximama, brought out his interpretations of Visayan favorites. 

His Cochinillo, Inasal with Anatto and Chicken Oil, Kinilaw na Tanigue, and Pork Humba are not to be missed. 


Chicken Inasal with Anatto and Chicken Oil. Photo by author
Kinilaw na Tanigue. Photo by author
Humba Cebuano. Photo by author

As Cebu and Iloilo are known known for their desserts, Uy serves up an array of sweets featuring his Puto Bola-Bola with Mango and Cheese, Ube Napoleones, and Spanish Bread with Butter and Caramelized Peanuts.

Puto Bola Bola With Cheese and Mango. Photo by author
Ube Napoleones. Photo by author
Spanish Bread with Caramelized Peanuts and Butter. Photo by author

Raintree Group executive chef Kal-el Chan put the spotlight on pianggang, the ingredient du jour from Mindanao that is essentially toasted blackened coconut. What stood out was his Tiula Itum Bulalo, the blackened toasted coconut’s flavor serving as a nice complement to the salty-rich beefy broth. Pianggang is even used for dessert in the form of the Tiula Itum Cheesecake. 

Tiula Itum Bulalo. Photo by author

He also served curacha, Mindanao spanner crabs, with his own interpretation of a famous Zambangueno aligue and turmeric sauce; a different kind of sinuglaw – sinugba na baboy (grilled pig) and kinilaw na tanigue with palapa, a sauce native to Mindanao infused with the strong flavors of bird’s eye chili, turmeric and ginger; and beef rendang – roast beef with curry sauce. 

Coconut Aligue and Curacha. Photo by author
Sinuglaw Ceviche. Photo by author
Beef Rendang. Photo by author

Chan offers a number of colorful desserts to bookend his selection including his Halo-Halo Crumble, Langka Brazo and his Durian Panna Cotta.

Halo Halo Crumble. Photo by author
Langka Brazo. Photo by author
Durian Panna Cotta. Photo by author

The LuzViMinda Filipino Feast will be available until June 30 at F All-Day Dining at F1 Hotel Manila for P1,699++ per person for lunch or dinner buffet.