WATCH: Angie Mead King got to drive Caitlyn Jenner's sports car


Posted at Jun 19 2019 07:16 PM

Angie Mead King looked ecstatic as she got the chance to take the sports car of Caitlyn Jenner for a spin around Beverly Hills. 

"She's having a little too much fun," said American TV star Caitlyn Jenner as she let Pinoy car enthusiast Angie Mead King take her sports car for a spin. 

King documented her latest bonding moment with the transgender activist and former Olympic gold medalist via a vlog post she uploaded this past week on YouTube. 

She got to drive Jenner's GT2RS Porsche sports car to a Chinese restaurant where they grabbed lunch and did some catching up.

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They met up because King gave Jenner the bespoke luggage set she made for her, which perfectly matched the Porsche. Jenner thanked King on Instagram afterwards, writing: "So sweet! Thank you." 


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Jenner and King first met last November 2018, a few years after both of them, on separate occasions, came out as transwomen.