Noticeably slimmer, Camille Prats assures followers, ‘I’m at my healthiest’


Posted at Jun 14 2021 04:46 PM

MANILA — Noticeably slimmer as the result of her fitness regimen, actress-host Camille Prats has been receiving comments about her gradual transformation in recent months.


While most have been positive, some remarks have been less than supportive — which Prats took time to answer on Sunday, after her new set of photos elicited similar reactions.

“To those sending comments about my body, I am at my healthiest po,” Prats commented on the post on her official Facebook page.

“I know I cannot please all of you, but I don’t see anything wrong with my body. As long as I am healthy and strong, oks na ako dun,” she said.

Prats, 35, has two children with her husband, VJ Yambao; and a teenaged son with her late husband, Anthony Linsangan.

In the last few months, Prats has started actively chronicling her fitness journey on social media, aside from her usual family updates.

Aside from working out with Yambao, Prats also practices Pilates, which has helped address her mild scoliosis.

“Sa mga hindi natutuwa, pasensiya na po,” she said. “I’m really happy where I am physically, and I hope to inspire more people to choose a healthier lifestyle. Love and light!”