Miss World PH candidates undergo Q&A drill


Posted at Jun 14 2021 08:14 PM

MANILA – Some candidates of the upcoming Miss World Philippines had a taste of what it would be like when they finally compete in the national pageant next month.

In what seemed like a Q&A drill, Tracy Maureen Perez, Angelica Datu Famorcan, Kathleen Paton and Ganiel Krishnan answered some exciting questions thrown at them by ABS-CBN News’ MJ Felipe in a virtual interview.

Perez was the first one who answered, sharing her thoughts about President Rodrigo Duterte’s previous statement that “the presidency is not a job for women.”

“Being a president, being our leader, is not about gender at all. It should always be about our capabilities to serve, our heart to serve, our character, our qualifications,” Perez said.

“As long as we the people elect the right leaders who will push for the right actions to solve these social issues, then we will be able to have a better Philippines,” she added.

Famorcan, on the other hand, was asked whether she thinks Japanese tennis star Naomi Osaka made the right decision when she withdrew from the French Open to protect her mental health.

“As humans, we only have one life and we only have one body and one brain. I think that throughout life, we are presented with many good opportunities that we need to take but our mental health is a priority. As an advocate of mental health and self-care myself, I think that protecting your mental health and giving it space is paramount in any endeavors that you’re going to enter,” she said.

“You are not going to be able to offer yourself 100 percent anyway if you are not whole and you don’t think that you can give yourself 100 percent. I think it was the right thing to do for Naomi to withdraw in the competition because if anything, she’s just proving to the people that are watching that sometimes, you have opportunities that you need to say no to in the meantime because your health is paramount. You only have one you. If the thing is really for you, it will present itself in the future anyway again. Then you can give yourself a hundred percent the next time, at the right time, with the right mindset.”

Paton, for her part, talked about her thoughts on vaccine passports as a possible requirement in crossing borders, countries or accessing establishments as the world enters the post-COVID-19 era.

“As we all know, the pandemic is obviously an unprecedented event. We all never expected that this is going to happen. I think the world and the World Health Organization are doing the best that they can do. The passport itself is an option that we can take in order to go back to our normal state in this world. I think it’s a good opportunity for us to go back to that. I don’t see it as a problem. I think it’s fair in a way as long as everybody in the whole world can get vaccinated. If vaccines are available to everybody, I believe it is fair,” she said.

Meanwhile, Krishnan was asked about what she can contribute in stopping racism issues in case she wins the Miss World crown.

“There have been a lot of rallies across the United States since 2020 in response to the racism against Asian-Americans related to the COVID-19 pandemic. As fears and insecurities about the coronavirus mount among Americans, so too have attacks on Asian-Americans… They have been stabbed, beaten, bullied, spit on, pushed, harassed basically based on the false assumption that they are the ones to blame for the spread of the COVID-19,” she said.

“I think that, at the bottom of this, it will always be about being humane, respecting each other because I think it is our common responsibility to be of service to one another, be kind to one another. If we all have that, I don’t think there will be this kind of Asian hate,” she added.

The finals of the Miss World Philippines 2021 pageant will happen on July 25.