Isabelle Daza gets flak for wearing 'vaccinated by Pfizer' cap


Posted at Jun 10 2021 12:12 PM

MANILA -- Netizens called out Isabelle Daza on Wednesday after posting a photo of her and her husband wearing caps that read "vaccinated by Pfizer," which came across as "insensitive" and "irresponsible."

Daza and her husband, Adrien Semblat, got vaccinated in Hong Kong, where they are currently based.

Hong Kong residents can decide which COVID-19 vaccine to get, unlike in the Philippines. Because of this, many pointed out that Daza's post might cause Filipinos to be picky with vaccine brands.

Daza has already deleted her Instagram post on their "vaccinated by Pfizer" caps which drew several comments, but many netizens have uploaded screenshots on other social media platforms as they shared their thoughts on the matter. 

"So anong purpose nung post ni Isabelle Daza na vaccinated sila ng Pfizer? Magyabang? If it's meant to raise awareness on the importance of vaccination, bakit kailangan included 'yung brand?" one Twitter user asked.

"Being in a country where we have no means to choose — this is so cringey and irresponsible, not to mention hypocritical coming from her who supposedly wants to share 'meaningful' and 'valuable content,'" another added.

"Not Isabelle Daza making vaccination a social status. Remember guys, the best vaccine is the one which is available," a netizen said.

Others defended Daza online, saying that the situation in Hong Kong is different in the Philippines.

But some reiterated that she should have been more "responsible" in her post as most of her fans and followers are Filipinos.

The actress' "vaccinated by Pfizer" cap is supposedly for a good cause. 

Sold by a brand called Solo Club, it is priced at $49.99, with part of the proceeds to be donated to "causes fighting the COVID-19 outbreak in India."

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