Global Wellness Day celebrated at Edsa Shangri-La


Posted at Jun 10 2017 11:44 PM | Updated as of Jun 11 2017 08:04 AM

MANILA -- Men and women from different professions and age groups converged at Edsa Shangri-La Manila on Saturday for the #Live2017: Mind and Body Festival. 

The participants, mostly from the corporate world, removed their leather shoes and high heels to wear comfy kicks for an action-packed day. 

The event is part of Edsa Shangri-La's celebration of Global Wellness Day, held on June 10. The worldwide celebration aims to encourage people to shift to a healthier lifestyle and focus on fitness and wellness. 

While the activities started early at 8 a.m., everybody was enthusiastic to participate in the lineup of events, which included live workout lessons, health discussions and coaching sessions, among others. 

Renowned mixed martial arts fighter Mark Striegl spearheaded the MMA fitness sessions by teaching various workout routines that anyone can do anywhere. 

Striegl said that, while keeping in shape is important, it is also important to "take it easy" especially when doing unfamiliar routines to avoid acquiring injuries. 

Diet and nutrition expert Cheshire Que conducted a short talk, where she shared tips on how to discipline oneself and avoid overeating. According to Que, there are four types of hunger -- physical, emotional, sensory, and habitual. That's why it's important that people distinguish physical hunger from the other three. 

Que also gave a few tips on how to "master the buffet," since most people tend to overeat when they're surrounded by a lot of food. She said people must check out all the tables first, then decide which food they want to eat.

It is also important to get small portions, so there's enough space for other food. Drink water, coffee or tea if one begins to feel stuffed, which helps people from wanting to eat more.

A tennis-skills training and slow flow yoga session were also held. A wellness market and a popup spa were available, too. Here's the complete lineup of events: 

The Mind and Body Festival will run until Sunday, June 11, at the Edsa Shangri-La, Manila. For more information, you may call 633 8888 ext. 2895 or email [email protected]