Bea Gomez to return to school after Miss Universe PH reign


Posted at Jun 08 2022 11:48 AM

MANILA - Beatrice Gomez is looking to pursue higher education now that her reign as Miss Universe Philippines has officially concluded.

During a virtual press conference for Lazada on Wednesday, Gomez shared that she plans to go back to school and earn a master’s degree.

“I plan to do my Master’s. I am taking up social psychology. I haven’t enrolled yet. I am not sure if the second semester has already started. So for the second half of the year, I’m gonna be enrolling,” she said.

“I am definitely focused on continuing my work with the community development. I’ve been volunteering. I actually recently just joined another foundation where I can reach out to the community,” she added.

In addition to that, Gomez mentioned her plans to continue her Marines Reservist Training and engage in various workshops s.o she can do more entertainment gigs.

Gomez said all her plans moving forward are aligned with community development, which has been her advocacy even before she became a beauty queen.

“My career will definitely be aligned with that even if I am doing entertainment gigs. I will still be focused on that goal of helping the community.”

But before she gets going again, Gomez noted that she is currently taking some time to rest and just catch up with things that help her unwind.

“Lately I have been watching a lot of movies and catching up with all of the TV series that I’ve missed since I couldn’t watch them during the Miss Universe competition. I’ve been hanging out with my friends. That’s when I am able to relax,” she said.

Gomez finished in the Top 5 of the 70th Miss Universe in Israel last year. Previously, the Cebuana beauty said she also wants to try her hand at hosting.