Movie review: Emotions run high in 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix'

Rose Carmelle Lacuata, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Jun 05 2019 02:00 PM

A scene from 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix.' Handout

MANILA -- More than a decade since "X-Men: The Last Stand," this year's "X-Men: Dark Phoenix" brings back Jean Grey's powerful alter-ego, Phoenix, complicating the relationships between our beloved mutant superheroes.

Set in 1992, "Dark Phoenix" starts with a space mission for the X-Men. While in space, a force engulfs Jean Grey, making her the most powerful being in the universe.

This power, which Jean Grey struggled to control, made her relationship with her fellow mutants complicated, especially after she kills one of the members of X-Men.

Jean Grey flees, and the other mutants become divided. Some sought revenge, while the others wanted to save her.

Writer-director Simon Kinberg describes the latest X-Men movie as part science-fiction thriller and part character-driven drama, and he succeeded in delivering both aspects of the movie.

Sophie Turner in 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix.' Handout

Hardcore fans would surely appreciate the scenes where each of their beloved mutants would showcase their powers, but there are also scenes focused mainly on how each of the X-Men are trying their hardest not to use their powers against each other.

Unlike previous X-Men films where there are defined lines between the good guys and the bad ones, these are blurred in "Dark Phoenix." 

There are also a lot of parts where the characters show more of their emotions, and let these get the better of them, making them do irrational things, like going against their fellow mutants or putting themselves in danger.

Her emotions will also be a factor in what Jean Grey will choose to do with her godlike powers.

For a movie that's supposed to be the culmination of a two-decade superhero saga, "Dark Phoenix" opted to keep fans hanging by not clearly explaining what happened to Jean Grey in the end.

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"X-Men: Dark Phoenix" is now showing in cinemas nationwide.