Michelle Dee on being paired with celebrity friends: 'I have nothing against it'


Posted at Jun 01 2023 05:01 PM

 Photo from Michelle Dee's Instagram account.
Photo from Michelle Dee's Instagram account.

MANILA — Beauty queen Michelle Dee sees nothing wrong with people "shipping" her with her celebrity friends.

This after some fans have linked her to her showbiz friends like Rhian Ramos and Kylie Padilla after coming out as bisexual.

"I think it's nice that people acknowledge that we have such great chemistry and they are friends that I've had for years and if we have a few supporters that love seeing us together then that's how we see it," Dee said.

"We like fostering it and I always tell my fans and my supporters to spread love, be kind. It's a nice feeling, I have nothing against it. Go lang nang go," she added.

For Dee, she is grateful to be seen with such beautiful women. 

"We have nothing but appreciation and love for the LGBT community. We acknowledge that there's such a big part of our story, big part of our audience, they support us no matter what we do," she said. 

"For me, I always see things with a grateful heart and I'm being linked with so many beautiful women, people who I look up to, notable names in the industry so I have nothing wrong to say." 


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