PH bet to 'Asia's Next Top Model' delivers perfect revenge on bullies


Posted at May 27 2017 01:40 AM | Updated as of May 27 2017 10:06 AM

Maureen Wroblewitz had to overcome a bit of bullying from her fellow contestants during the recent episode of "Asia's Next Top Model."

The tail end of the "Asia's Next Top Model" competition is no place to start doubting yourself, as Filipina model Maureen Wroblewitz quickly needed to realize. 

After more than a month, six are left standing and the remaining contestants have built up enough of a portfolio that they've begun looking at each other's strengths and weaknesses.

This side story about them sizing up one another became a focal point of Wednesday's episode when Indonesia's Clara Tan felt the need to voice out her particularly harsh assessment of Wroblewitz. 

"I want to compete with strong models, you only have a pretty face but no skills," said Tan, as others chimed in with similarly brassy comments on the Filipina model.

Wroblewitz clapped back by downplaying their opinion as irrelevant but it was apparent that it bothered her. During the week's challenge, where they were asked to convey power for a raunchy shoot, she clearly lacked the confidence of someone who wants to become a top model. 

"I just blanked out. I had ideas and I just had to do it but I just . . . overthink," she said. 

After brushing her doubts off, however, thanks to a few encouraging words from guest photographer Yu Tsai, Wroblewitz got her perfect revenge on Tan by taking home Best Photo. 

Maureen Wroblewitz won Best Photo in this week's 'Asia's Next Top Model'.

"I was so impressed by you. Your face came laser-focused. At one point I didn’t say anything, I just had to shut up. You have what it takes to be an amazing, amazing model," Tsai told her.

With her win, Wroblewitz is in the top five of the competition. She is the remaining contestant from the Philippines, following the elimination of Jennica Sanchez and Anjelica Santillan early on.