Publicist disputes Michael Cinco's claims, still hopes to mend ties with designer


Posted at May 24 2021 07:22 PM | Updated as of May 24 2021 07:59 PM

Publicist disputes Michael Cinco's claims, still hopes to mend ties with designer 1
Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens and Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco (left) and Miguel Martinez of MGMode Communications. Photo from @thenovastevens on Instagram, screengrab from MJ Felipe's YouTube channel

The publicist who found himself in hot water after his comments about Michael Cinco's gowns for Miss Universe Canada Nova Stevens hopes to mend ties with the Dubai-based Filipino designer.

Miguel Martinez of MGMode Communications made the statement in an interview with ABS-CBN News' MJ Felipe on Monday. 

In the hour-long interview which was streamed live on Felipe's YouTube page, Martinez apologized if Cinco got "hurt" by his earlier comment on Instagram that his gowns arrived late and did not fit.

At the same time, he pointed out that he got hurt by Cinco's "mean words" as well.

"I love you. Sorry if I hurt you. And those were some mean words, like really mean. Hopefully we can mend this," he said.

"And if you want me to bring you an amazing girl next year and you're willing to do it again, I'm willing to do it, too," he added.

Martinez admitted that the controversy is "completely unknown to us," saying that "this is not the type of attention I want."

And while he regrets posting the comment, the publicist stood by his statements, saying he has "never said anything that is not true."

"The gowns arrived late, and I did say that they didn't fit properly because they didn't," he said. "And I did say that somehow they did find time to make gowns for other candidates."

"It's my experience, it's my story, and I have the receipts of every single thing I say," he stressed. "I have nothing to hide. I've always been honest, maybe too honest."

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Martinez went on to share that he and his team has received "over 400 death threats" on Instagram, and others continue to tag MGMode as "scammers," echoing Cinco's claims.

But he stressed that this is not true, citing the trust he has received in the industry for the past two decades.

"I've worked in this industry for 20 years, and the reason I'm able to go up to someone and ask them for services is because they trust me, and our job, and our work," said Martinez, whose agency works for different brands and organizations such as Miss Universe Canada.

"My career in 20 years is down the toilet... The real people that know us, they know that this is not true. They know that we are not scammers as he (Cinco) said," he added.

As to their camp allegedly insinuating that they are blaming Cinco for Stevens' non-placement in Miss Universe, Martinez said: "I would never say that. I'm a professional. I know what I'm doing. I know that it's not anybody's fault."

When asked to react to a similar issue involving another Filipino designer, Rian Fernandez, and Miss Universe Canada, Martinez said he has nothing to do with it.

"I never worked with him, I never contacted him, I never asked him for anything. He had made arrangements with Denis, I guess," he said, referring to Miss Universe Canada national director Denis Martin Davila.

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