COVID-19 fashion: Pinoy designs 'cocoon' protective gear in 'new normal'


Posted at May 22 2020 06:39 PM

MANILA -- A Filipino designer has introduced an outfit that takes into account the "new normal" shaped by the novel coronavirus. 

In a statement, Jerome Salaya Ang said the "Cocoon" protective gear is his take on COVID-19 fashion, using lightweight and washable materials like nylon screen mesh.

"We are now living at the edge of a new era. The design philosophy was aimed to be more sporty and flexible so that there is more movability factor when it is worn," he said. 

Ang went on: "And, the sizing is meant to be 'free' and genderless. After all, this is what the future is -- it's all about mobility. We also considered our weather here so we opted the usage of lightweight material which is of upmost importance."


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Customers who want to inquire about the "Cocoon" outfit are encouraged to get in touch with Ang through his Facebook and Instagram pages.

The designer said he continues to try different fabrics to make sure that the protective gear is both comfortable and stylish.