10 bottles to celebrate World Whisky Day

Jeeves de Veyra

Posted at May 20 2017 01:01 PM | Updated as of May 20 2017 01:02 PM

Whisky lovers unite! 

It’s World Whisky Day, a time when whisky drinkers all around the globe should be cradling a tumbler (or a Glencairn glass, if you’re hardcore like that) of this glorious spirit. 

Made from different grains, fermented into a mash, distilled, then aged, whisky depends on a lot of things—what it’s made from, where it’s made, when it’s made, when it’s aged, how it’s made, the list goes on. Combinations of these factors give the world its diverse whiskies, which most of us whisky lovers would gladly drink our way around to experience. 

Single malt? Scotch? Irish? Bourbon? There are so many bottles, and so little time, and so on this World Whisky Day, for some guidance, we asked some whisky drinkers about their go-too bottles, or their favorites of the moment. 

1. Gentleman Jack

Type: Tennessee Whisky

From a review by theWhiskyJug.com: “Tasted side by side I like the Gentleman a bit more than Old No. 7. It is cleaner, it’s smoother, there is less rawness to it and the sweet bourbon like notes (which it technically is) come out more.”

Raymond Braganza, photographer: “Hmmm, I really enjoyed drinking Gentleman Jack. It has a nice taste and hindi gumuguhit.”

2. Johnnie Walker Black

Type: Blended Scotch Whisky

TheWhiskywash.com says, “Black Label is also a great ambassador for introducing newcomers to the world of smoky and peaty whiskies at a price point which won’t make one cry should they immediately dump their Glencairn glass as first taste. A great value for the money.”

Spanky Enriquez, editor and writer of Let’s Eat Magazine: “I grew up drinking Johnnie Walker Black, it was my Dad's favorite, and I used to sneak shots from his home bar at 2 a.m. It's still the staple whisky at all our family gatherings. No Hizon reunion is complete without it. My home stash at present is Macallan 12. I always have a bottle on hand; it's perfect with Chocnut for a late night sweet treat.”

3. Bushmills Original

Type: Triple-distilled blended Irish Whisky

According to Scotchnoob.com: “It’s a simple, single-note dram with no complexity, but not as faulty as others at this price point. The black pepper on the nose is interesting, and the raw grain whiskey doesn’t announce itself on the tongue like other competitors do. While it doesn’t have the brash racy flavor of Jameson, it wins in smoothness and simplicity.”

Joko Magalong, writer: “Hard to pick a favorite, so I’m just going to mention the last one I drank – Bushmills Original. Smooth, light, with roasted coffee notes. Wonderful mixed with coffee! Or with anything, actually”

4. Monkey Shoulder

Type: Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

From thecocktailgeek.com: “A blended whisky lives or dies by its mixing abilities in my book, and I’m pleased to report that Monkey Shoulder is a solid success. The fruity and honeyed notes make it a very approachable spirit that works well with a range of flavors. It neither asserts itself too aggressively, nor cowers into submission whenever partnered with other strong flavors, and is as such pretty forgiving when having a play around. This is definitely a spirit that you can experiment with.”

Peter Littaua, IT professional: "Monkey Shoulder: smooth taste and nice packaging."

5. Macallan 18 Fine Oak

Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky

From an expert review by the maltactivist.com: “Let me tell you this 18 year old is quite possibly the smoothest delivery you will ever experience in your life.”

Ray Florence Reyes, blogger at lynne-enroute.com: “At the moment, it's a Macallan 18 Years. It's easy to appreciate given a certain sweetness that's fit for my palate, but with enough complexity to keep you coming back for more sips.”

6. Yamazaki 12 Single Malt

Type: Japanese Single Malt Whisky

The whisky according to thejapanesewhiskyreview.com: “Smooth and balance[d]. Best batch I’ve tried and a reminder that it can be beneficial to try these ‘standards’ over different years.”

Joy Rodriquez, manager: “I love Japanese whiskies. First one I tried was Yamazaki. I like Nikka whisky din, really smooth!”

7. Glenfiddich 15

Type: Sherry Oak Scotch Whisky

Tasting notes from thewhiskywash.com: “Warm and buttery in appearance, Glenfiddich 15 appears younger in the glass than one might imagine considering its age.”

Allen Aligam, IT Travel Industry professional: “Macallan 12, swabe and masarap! Same goes with Glenfiddich 15.”

8. Aberlour 18

Type: Single Malt Scotch

Here’s an excerpt from a review by maltfreak.com, “From beginning to end, the high quality of this single malt is palpable. If you do not like whiskies with a heavy sherry influence, this is probably not for you.”

Gail Sotelo, writer in 2shotsandapint.com: “Aberlour 18, for sure. Just the right amount of complexity for a night that I don't want to overthink my poison.”

9. Johnnie Walker Double Black Whisky

Type: Blended Scotch Whisky

What thedrinkspirits.com says about this whisky: “Johnnie Walker Double Black manages to maintain the same kind of wonderful balance that we’ve come to know and love with Johnnie Walker Black Label, but it does so with a slightly different set of flavors. Whereas Black Label expresses the interplay between sweet and oak, Double Black expresses the interplay with smoke, sweet, and spice.”

Cy Ynares, baker at thebaldbaker.com: “Gosh. My whisky of choice is boring - Double Black lang. Double Black, on the rocks. It's smooth, has a great smoky taste, and gives me a sweet vanilla aftertaste which makes me want to drink more.”

10. Macallan Rare Cask

Type: Single Malt Scotch Whisky

According to drinkhacker.com: “Macallan Rare Cask is a capable, curious, and punchy whisky that merits exploration, although the price tag is awfully heady. While it’s hardly the most expensive NAS whisky to hit the market, this is one of the most audacious and noteworthy general malt whisky releases to arrive in this latest push away from age statements. Macallan would of course like the spirit itself to do the talking, and not a number on the label of the bottle. But to get there, first you’re going to have to get past another number… and that’s one that has three digits in it, not two.”

Donny Elvina, dashing debonair: “I love Macallan. It's smooth and sweet. They have a vast array of choices: sweet, peaty, smokey. The primary enjoyment of whisky is really whatever mood you are in. Gone are the days when a whisky drinker only sticks to one brand, say, 'I only drink Johnnie Black.' now it's all about variety.”

So, what’s your favorite whisky?