Will you try Erwan Heussaff's P150 a day meal plan?


Posted at May 17 2017 05:15 PM


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MANILA – Food blogger and restaurant owner Erwan Heussaff is out to prove that one does not have to be rich to eat healthy.

Responding to a challenge posed by one of his Twitter followers, Heussaff came up with a complete meal plan that only involved spending P150 a day.

In a post on his blog on Tuesday, Heussaff once again reiterated that nothing is impossible to those who are willing to make an effort.

“People called me elitist and classist for saying that everyone can do it. I find that very weird. If you are anti-elitism, shouldn’t you believe that anyone can achieve anything? Again, yes it may be harder for certain people, but it’s not impossible. I don’t think that someone’s disposition should determine what they can and can’t do,” he wrote.

Heussaff continued: “Then again, it’s how you spend your money that may make healthy eating expensive. Instead of spending 70 pesos for a lunch of sisig rice from a Jolly Jeep in Makati, you could actually be cooking 600 GRAMS OF TILAPIA. Yes, more than half a kilo. For the same price of your lunch. The tilapia could extend onto two meals with the right vegetables beside it.” 

“That’s my point, healthy eating isn’t expensive. Unfortunately, it’s just less convenient. So you need to make the effort to go to the market at least once a week, cook your meals in advance (I recommend cooking 4 times a week to prep) and plan your food. A little effort in this case goes a very long way.”

Heussaff shared a document detailing his P150 meal plan, from the exact quantities of the ingredients to estimated market prices.

You can download the file here.

Heussaff describes himself as a former “fat kid” who was able to lose weight through healthy eating.

He is also the brother of actress-model Solenn Heussaff and fiance of “It’s Showtime” host Anne Curtis.