Fashion designer upcycles campaign tarpaulins into school bags


Posted at May 12 2022 01:01 PM


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MANILA -- This local fashion designer aims to help both students and the environment with her newest creations. 

Mara Chua has been upcycling campaign tarpaulins into school bags, acknowledging that waste is a "major problem after elections."

She said the idea came from a fellow "Kakampink" or supporter of presidential candidate Leni Robredo.

"One Twitter Kakampink suggested converting our tarps into school bags and donate them to minimize our waste," Chua said.

"I fell in love with the idea so I decided to make them as soon as possible with the tarps I have," she added.

According to Chua, she is looking to partner with groups that can distribute the upcycled bags. 

In the comments section, the designer said that she is also open to using campaign tarpaulins of other candidates as well.

Among those who showed their support for the initiative were Miss Grand International 2020 first runner-up Samantha Bernardo and former Miss Universe Philippines candidates Maureen Wroblewitz and Ayn Bernos.

Chua is known for designing gowns for celebrities and beauty queens such as Miss Universe 2017 Demi Tebow and actress Nadine Lustre.