McDonald's now offering hotcake mix, coffee grounds for takeout, drive-thru


Posted at May 12 2020 12:21 PM

MANILA -- Craving for McDonald's pancakes and coffee? The fast food chain is now offering these and other "cook-it-yourself" ingredients for takeout and drive-thru in select branches in the country.

In a statement posted on its website, McDonald's said the products aim to "help customers have access to food ingredients they can conveniently cook/use and enjoy at home."

It assured that the products "are at par with the regular offers we serve in our stores," but added that "the taste may vary depending on how the products are cooked/prepared."

Aside from hotcake mix and coffee grounds, other cook-it-yourself packs currently offered by McDonald's include hotcake syrup, tonkatsu sauce, mayonnaise, hot fudge topping, and caramel topping.


Prices range from P99 for an 80-gram pack of coffee grounds to P399 for a 2-kilogram bag of ice cream topping. The list of branches where these products are available can be found here.

When asked why it is no longer selling ready-to-cook chicken cuts in its branches, McDonald's said: "We rotate products that will be made available to customers at our stores. However, you may check select SM Markets (Hypermarket, Supermarket, Savemore) and Waltermart Supermarkets for frozen Cook-It-Yourself products." 

As for frozen burger patties, it said: "As much as we would want to offer more items, we currently have limited inventory to make it happen."