'Community' stars, fans support Filipino-designed LEGO set in bid to reach 10,000 votes


Posted at May 12 2020 12:45 PM

MANILA — A potential movie and a possible LEGO set? Things are definitely looking up for the TV series "Community," which has garnered an even bigger cult following with many people bingeing on videos amid the lockdown.

Behind the proposed Community LEGO set is Filipino filmmaker Ivan Guerrero who last year got the toymaker’s nod for a Sesame Street set.

Guerrero is attempting to get another 10,000 votes for Community. If he succeeds this week, he’ll be the first Filipino to win the LEGO Ideas competition twice. He might also break the record for the fastest win since he has already bagged more than 8,000 votes just a week after the design was posted. Supporters can vote here.


The LEGO design, which features the kooky characters of "Community," is basically a diorama of the study group in the library. It is filled with Easter eggs though as the set’s outer walls make references to the show’s popular episodes — from paintball fights to their darkest timelines. One corner is devoted to the Dean’s office and another portion to Shirley’s Sandwiches. 

It also shows Jeff, Britta, Annie, Shirley, Pierce, Troy, Abed, Dean Pelton, and Chang in different costumes.

And "Community" stars and fans are taking notice. Ken Jeong, who played the character Chang, has repeatedly shared posts about the set.

And Yvette Nicole Brown, who played Shirley, even took the time to post and “beg” about it.

“Guys I’d 3400 more of you vote for this @CommunityTV @LEGO_Group there’s a chance it could be made and sold. As a #Lego NERD, I BEG you to please vote for this! Give us a chance to have nice things! #ThatsNice,” she post on Twitter.

Guerrero, who is a fan of the show, said he expected the set to be popular but “didn’t think it would get to the halfway point so soon.”

It reached 5,000 votes in just around two days.

“'Community' is undergoing a revival now because everybody is quarantined and discovering the show for the first time even though it’s been off the air for years now,” Guerrero said of the show, which ended in 2015.

Fans have been pushing for a movie and some news reports say it might be in the works. In the meantime, fans are showing just how popular the series is by voting for the LEGO set.

Guerrero started submitted designs for LEGO Ideas, which caters to a community of LEGO enthusiasts, back in 2017 in the hopes of getting the toymaker to produce sets for his favorite Jim Henson shows. He succeeded when his Sesame Street set received 10,000 votes in 2019 and was chosen by LEGO for production. 

“Anticipation for the Sesame Street set has been overwhelming. When I visit the LEGO stores, the staff tell me that people are constantly inquiring about its release. But I’m not allowed to divulge anything,” he said.

Guerrero became the second Filipino to get LEGO’s nod after Malaysia-based Leandro Tayag’s Voltron set wowed fans in 2017.

Guerrero has since been designing sets based on his favorite shows. He thought of designing one about "Community" after he saw how more people were watching it during the lockdown.

“I’m a big fan of the show because it’s one of the most creative and well-written comedies ever produced. The show was years ahead of its time and its great that people are finally starting to realize it now,” he told ABS-CBN News.

“So the show itself is very self-aware. So I tried to capture that in the set. It almost feels like you’re part of an episode of 'Community' when you build it,” he added. “Abed is probably my favorite character because sometimes it almost feels like he’s aware he’s in a TV show.”

Guerrero said he made sure to include paintball references since those episodes were “really fun.”

“The paintball episodes are actually known for introducing the Russo brothers to the world. Because of these episodes, they ended up directing the Avengers movies,” said Guerrero.

There is a possibility that the Community set will break the record for the fastest win on the LEGO Ideas website if it reaches 10,000 votes in a few days. However, it will still be up to the toymaker to decide if it will produce the set. 

Those who want to vote for the proposed Community LEGO set will need to create a LEGO Ideas account and click the support button on this page.