Despite getting offers, Small Laude doesn't want to enter showbiz


Posted at May 09 2023 02:57 PM

Small Laude poses for a photo as the newest ambassador of the jewelry brand Diagold. ABS-CBN News
Small Laude poses for a photo as the newest ambassador of the jewelry brand Diagold. ABS-CBN News

MANILA -- "I'm just enjoying the moment."

This is what Small Laude said when asked how she feels about her newfound Internet fame. The socialite has been thrust into the limelight for her vlogs, which shows her life of leisure and luxury.

She never thought that her YouTube channel, aptly titled "Welcome to Small's World," would have 1.84 million subscribers as of writing. 

"Before, I was a housewife staying at home, helping my husband in the office. That's it... I'd have daily lunch outs with friends [and] go out with my family... But you know, it's totally different now," Laude said on the sidelines of an event by the jewelry brand Diagold, which tapped her as its newest ambassador.

"Of course, the privacy of our family is affected," she admitted. "But you know, that's the price of being known, right? I have to be nice to everyone [and] my supporters because I owe it to them."

Laude acknowledged that some people are not happy with her content, while others question why she continues to vlog despite her comfortable lifestyle.

In response, she said: "Some of my friends ask, 'Why do you do that? You don't need to do this.' But you know what, I'm so happy with what I do. [I believe I can keep doing this] as long as I don't step on anyone's toes."

"Now I've found my purpose," she declared. "I make people happy and I help with their sadness, [and] that makes me happy. So I don't care what other people will say, I'm just happy with what I do. And I will do what makes me happy."

Asked if she has considered entering show business, Laude revealed that she has been getting a number of offers to appear on television shows.

She went on to explain why she turned them down. "It's not for me. I don't like to do TV shows, I just want to manage my own time, and I don't like reading scripts or memorizing," she said.

The socialite said she prefers to be herself in front of the camera, as opposed to playing a role. "[Actually] I'm a little bit mellow on camera [compared to in real life]. My husband would say, 'You are too noisy, you are so talkative.' So I'm like filtering myself [in my vlogs], I'm a little bit tame compared to at home."

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During the Diagold event, Laude talked about her love for jewelry.

She said her favorite pieces in her personal collection were given to her by her husband, and her sister Alice Eduardo. 

Aside from diamonds, the socialite also likes pearls, sapphires, and emeralds. "I just love the color of emerald," she said.

Laude said she gravitates toward pieces of jewelry that are "modern" and "chunky," saying these make her "look younger when wearing it."

In particular, she loves wearing earrings, and prefers rose gold over yellow and white gold. "I love studs, diamond studs," she said. 

When asked to give advice to those who are buying their first diamonds, Laude replied: "It doesn't have to be big... It should be clean and white, even if it's just a small piece."